The CryptMix website provides all data for informational purposes. Reports, ratings, brief information in listings and articles are not investment recommendations.

All information posted on the site should not be
regarded as a recommendation in respect of legislation, taxes, investments or securities, any form of recommendation concerning the purchase, sale or receipt of cryptocurrencies or their derivatives or services specified in such information.

The information published in the reports based on the results of a complete analysis of the ICO project is an opinion of the CryptMix experts. The analysis is carried out on the basis of information collected from available sources, negotiations with the project team and advisers.

Available sources should be understood as information on the official website of the project, in the road map, white paper, in technical documentation, interviews with team members, in various reports and comments. In addition, data obtained from official sources of information, data obtained as a result of deep searches with the help of search engines and information services are also the available sources.

The truthfulness of the data obtained is checked carefully, however due to objective reasons CryptMix can not guarantee the reliability of the data indicated by the third parties.

The report is formed on the basis of the data analysis that was received
during the time of audit. CryptMix is not responsible for data that was changed after the publication of the report, as well as for errors and inaccuracies admitted in the sources used during investigation.

Any conclusions published on the basis of the processing of all the above data are the results of the intellectual work of the CryptMix team and reflect its expert
s’ opinion. The experts’ opinion should not be regarded as a recommendation for investors.

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