CMX Platform

The CMX platform is a platform for the joint promotion of the unique projects.

CMX Token

CMX – ERC20 token is assigned to each platform participant for completed tasks.

The essence of the CMX platform

Crypto-industry is well-developed during the latest several years. Thanks to social networks such as facebook, medium, twitter, as well as search engines like google, yandex and yahoo various messengers and profile forums, information about the new project is spread instantly. However, since March 2018 a number of leading participants of this market have decided to ban advertising projects related to the cryptocurrency. Since the introduction of prohibitions, the ability to convey information, concerning the new projects to the target audience, is significantly reduced.

In addition, the cost of everything, associated with the cryptocurrency, is unjustifiably overstated.

The CMX platform unites active participants in a community whose main task is to spread the qualitative information about interesting projects among the target audience.

For customers.

The company Cryptmix is engaged in a complete analysis of ICO projects. We are limited to the regular audience of the site and groups in social networks when adding the next ICO project to the listing.

Since the start of the CMX platform, its members work on the expansion of information about the project, listed in the site According to our calculations, the audience growth rate is approximately 35 when the information is competently distributed. Ie. with at least one thousand active platform participants, information about the new project is not distributed among 1,000 unique users of the site, but among 35,000. And the ambition of the CMX platform is hundreds of thousands users.

For the participants.

Each participant performs simple tasks to promote the project: subscriptions to groups, likes, reposts, comments, writing reviews, articles, etc. For each completed task, the participant is payed with CMX tokens in accordance with the value of the task.

In addition to promotions of the projects, added to the listing site, the platform publishes interesting Airdrop and Bounty programs. Before publishing at the CMX platform, the project initiator company will be tested for scam. Participants who perform Airdrop assignments of third-party projects, receive CMX tokens regardless of the payments of the Airdrop organizers. Thus, when performing tasks at CMX platform links, each participant not only participates in verified projects, but also is guaranteed, to receive CMX tokens, regardless of the results of charging AirDrop tokens. The participant increases his final profit.

CMX is not ICO, neither crowdfunding nor crowdinvesting. We do not collect any investments, donations or anything else. This is already a working platform, its participants are the main asset of the platform. The more active the participants are, the more valuable and more useful the service is. The more valuable the service is, the higher the value of the CMX token is. The value of the CMX token raises due to the lack of the ability to buy them from the issuer directly. Each CMX token in account activity means that a new participant joined the platform, or the service was provided to the customer, or valuable information about the project was distributed to the unlimited number of people.

Transparent and beneficial for everyone

The customer receives a qualitative distribution of information about his project among the target audience. At the request of the customer, a report on the work performed by the participants of the platform can be provided at any time.

The participant is guaranteed to earn CMX tokens for each completed task, he gets the information about Airdrop and Bounty companies of proven projects in time.

CMX platform is one of the few projects that does not exposed to risk the assets of participants or customers. The participants do not need to invest anything. The platform allows you to earn tokens without any investment. The customer has the opportunity to get acquainted with the number of participants, their activity and efficiency in advance.

To get involved

To become a participant of the CMX platform, you just need to log in, register and perform the first basic task.

The first basic task is a simple subscription to the channel in twitter and telegram, subscribing to a page in facebook and medium, as well as adding to the group in facebook. In a convenient report, specify your mail and nickname when registering at the CMX platform, add the address of ETH-wallet and write out the names and nicknames of the profiles from which they were subscribed and added to the groups.

From this moment you become a member of the CMX platform. In addition, for the performance of the basic task, each participant will be payed with 5-51 CMX tokens. When filling up the report form, each task will be listed with its value.

Charging occurs till the 10th day of the month following the reporting one. The results of the accruals for each participant will be published in the personal account of the platform participant.

The first payment of CMX tokens is planned for the 20/09/2018 to 30/09/2018.

The concept of CMX token.

The first accrual of CMX tokens is carried out exclusively as a reward for the completed tasks. There are no other ways to get CMX tokens before the token cycle.

The CMX token received by the platform participant as a reward for the completed tasks is considered to be a token entered the circulation.

The CryptMix has no right to sell CMX tokens before issuing them in circulation, including the exchange.

The owner of CMX tokens, who received them as a reward, uses them according to his own decision.

CMX tokens received from the customer, as payment for services, can be used by CryptMix in its own descretion.

Buy-back transaction is impossible. The issuer does not buy CMX tokens for any financial assets.

From October 1, 2018, you can order the services of the platform and on the site for CMX tokens.

Watch for updates and platform news.

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