The “Cryptmix” company can conduct two types of complex analysis of the ICO project.

  • Free
  • Ordered

Initiative analysis, i.e., free of charge at will, without the consent of the initiator ICO, we conduct the most interesting, in our opinion, projects on materials that are publicly available. The results are published on our website and selectively on our page in medium. There is a preview of the material on our channel in telegrams and twitter, as well as on the page of the company in Facebook.

Ordered analysis is carried out exclusively on a fee basis, by prior agreement with the ICO initiator. During the course of the analysis, we can ask the initiator of the ICO for additional confirmation of the information indicated by him in available sources.

The complete analysis of TGE (ICO) projects from the point of view of”Cryptmix” company is a set of activities aimed at obtaining the necessary data, structuring, careful analysis and drawing conclusions that allow to assign ratings for TGE (ICO) projects.


  • analysis of data specified by the project developers
  • deep search for necessary information in available sources through competitive
  • intelligence
  • validation of the specified data
  • checking the identity of team members
  • checking data for fake
  • personal communication with audio / video recording
  • legal analysis
  • technical analysis
  • marketing strategy analysis
  • market analysis
  • product testing

According to the results of all activities, a conclusion is generated. It allows to assign an ICO rating to the project.

Short list of analyzed criteria


  • personality fake check
  • data check
  • activity in social networks
  • negative feedback concerning the personality
  • experience in similar and related fields
  • staff
  • etc.
Jurisdictional basis:


  • jurisdictional assessment of token
  • token issuer
  • the rights token provides
  • token economy
  • security token test
  • Howey’s 4-Factor Test
  • Revers’s Family Resemblance Test
  • Risk Capital Test


  • analysis of the investor base
  • implementation of KYC procedure and AML mechanisms
  • analysis of legal guarantees for the investor (escrow, etc.)
  • company legal expertise


  • tax event during the money transfer to the company’s account.
  • business based on the results of the ICO
  • availability of licenses if necessary


  • analysis of the final product market
  • product uniqueness in the niche
  • competition


  • the availability of the smart contract code on GitHub
  • analysis of the smart contract code for the presence of known bugs and “back-doors “
  • multi-sign

The result of the activity:

  • product needed in blockchain technology
  • existence of prototype or sample
  • development stage

This list of criteria is incomplete. As each ICO project is individual, the number and priority of the criteria is determined for each project.

* A full audit of Smart-contracts is not included in the general analysis. At the request of the client it can be ordered separately for an additional fee.

** At the moment, Cryptmix does not provide tax planning services, does not create legal models and does not provide recommendations on correcting certain defects, but only analyzes existing models.