Complete analysis of TGE (ICO) projects

A set of activities aimed at obtaining the necessary data, their structuring, complete analysis and drawing conclusions, allowing to assign the rating for TGE (ICO) projects.

We analyze

more than

criteria ICO assessments

personality fake check

data check

negative feedback concerning the personality

experience in similar and related fields


legal expertise of the company
organizational and legal form
availability of licenses if necessary
legal valuation of the token
detection of violations of securities laws
implementation of KYC procedure and AML mechanisms
legal guarantees analysis for the investor
using escrow

analysis of the final product market
product uniqueness in the niche

the availability of the smart contract code on GitHub
analysis of the smart contract code for the presence of known bugs and “back-doors “

product needed in blockchain technology
existence of prototype or sample
development stage

The popularity of TGE (ICO) is growing exponentially. In 2017, 234 ICOs were conducted, which managed to attract more than $ 4.8 billion, which is approximately 49 times more than in 2016. The most successful ICO, according to the amount collected in 2016, is the waves, which attracted just over $ 16 million. The leader of the same year, the Swiss IT company Hdac Technology, managed to raise $ 258 million, which is only $ 1 million more than the second place, the Filecoin project. Four subsequent places are occupied by projects. Each project has been invested with more than $150 million.

The amount of the held ICO
within 2016
within 2017
279 ICO 86%
ICO taken the hard cup
The first half-year period of 2017
The second half-year period of 2017

However, the youth of this market is not only its advantage, but also its disadvantage. ICO is not regulated at the legislative level in most countries. Some problems occurred: there is a huge number of scams / fraud projects, deficiency of specialists and reassessment of own abilities by the team, the misuse of funds raised at the ICO and so on… As a result, there is a decrease in projects that managed to collect the planned amount. The professional investor enters the market, and marketing gives way to professional analysis of TGE (ICO).

It is interesting for


  • Is armed with information
  • Eliminates scam / fraudulent projects
  • Assesses the promises of the project
  • Selects TGE (ICO) with the most secure return policy
  • Determines the amount of investment

Project Initiator

  • Increases trust rating
  • It reveals defects at the initial stages
  • Listing of the project at the ICO database
  • Promotion at the CMX platform
  • Full report on the audit complex at the open access
  • Posting on our channel at Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, etc.


Complete audit of ICO

CMX 3430 / per project
  • terms 5 – 15 days
  • Promotion through CMX Platform

Listing at the basis of ICO projects

CMX 320 / per project
  • terms 48 hours
  • Promotion through CMX Platform

Promotion through CMX Platform

Agreed price
  • Agreed terms
  • Huge variety


  • Cryptmix inc.
  • ITN:4632236223
  • Pigoreva str., 18, office 209, Kursk, Russian Federation, 305007
  • +74951331722
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